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7 Amazing Reasons to Choose the KASHO Disc Operation System

7 Amazing Reasons to Choose the KASHO Disc Operation System

7 Amazing Reasons to Choose the KASHO Disc Operation System

Have you ever owned shears that you didn’t have to adjust the tension on? Have you ever owned shears that you didn’t have to oil? You might even wonder if such a thing exists.


It does. And it’s handcrafted in Japan for you by KASHO Shears.


The key is a unique piece of technology called the Disc Operation System. In fact, it’s so unique, it’s patented. The Disc Operation System ensures perfect, even opening and closing of your shears and optimum tension. Every time. Every cut.


So you can see how it works—and exactly why it’s valuable to you as a professional stylist or barber—we’d like to share with you 7 key facts about the KASHO Disc Operation System.


1: It’s no ordinary tensioning system.

The KASHO Disc Operation System connects the blades of our Millennium and Xtreme Perfection series shears just like any other tensioning system. Yet the Disc Operation System (DOS) is completely unlike any other tensioning system.


It consists of an enclosed ball bearing unit, a special spring and a synthetic disc that ensure uniform pressure on every cut and incredibly smooth operation.

2: The entire tensioning system is enclosed.

Hair, dust, or other debris cannot get inside the enclosed ball-bearing mechanism to cause clogs or hamper performance. Nothing can affect the precise movement of your scissors.


3: There’s no need to adjust the tension. Ever.

The DOS ensures your shears stay at the perfect tension—with no attention needed from you. A unique spring, inside the system, prevents the screw from loosening—to maintain precise, factory tension. The illustration below shows you the parts. They all work together to ensure perfect tension with no adjustment needed.


4: There’s no need to oil. Ever.

Instead of having to oil the tension screw daily, the DOS contains a lubricant that stays completely within the closed system. The lubricant does its job, so you never have to add oil.


5: The “disc” in the DOS ensures your shears always feel and cut like new.

You know that great feeling when you use a new pair of shears the first time? Super smooth and razor sharp? Thanks to the Disc Operation System, Millennium and Xtreme Perfection shears always feel like that.


The synthetic disc in the DOS is positioned between the upper and lower blades of your shears. It minimizes friction and wear on the blades. Your shears stay sharper longer so that each cut you make is clean and smooth.


6: We maintain the Disc Operation System for you.

When you send your Millennium or Xtreme Perfection shears in for sharpening. Our Master Sharpener will also check the Disc Operation System and replace and lubricate the DOS as needed.


7: Save time and effort. Just wipe down your shears as usual.

Due to the genius of the Disc Operation System, maintaining your shears is as easy as cleaning them after use—and sending them in for regular sharpening. We’ll take care of the rest.


The KASHO Disc Operation System makes it easier to maintain your Millennium and Xtreme Perfection series shears. It also gives them a considerably longer lifespan than other conventional models.

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