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What Happens When I Send My Shears in for Sharpening?

What Happens When I Send My Shears in for Sharpening?

What Happens When I Send My Shears in for Sharpening?

You might think the answer to this is simple: we sharpen your shears.

But in fact, it’s much more complicated than that. That’s because your shears are much more complicated than they may seem. They’re precision tools. And as precision tools, they deserve precision care.

Here’s what you can expect when you send your shears in for KASHO’s Premier Sharpening Service:

Your shears will be handled personally by KASHO’s Master Sharpener, Tom Hui. Tom has over 31 years of training and experience in sharpening fine-quality hair shears. He has a passion for excellence. (You might even say he’s obsessed with “sharp.”) But that’s not all. If your shears need a little tune-up, Tom will take care of that for you, too.

First step, disassembly

Once your shears arrive in our Santa Fe Springs, California facility, the first thing we do is disassemble them. This enables us to inspect each part in detail—from the blades to the screws to the tangs.

Inspection & cleaning

Inspection includes looking for nicks or scratches on the shears, especially on the blades. Depending on the location of the nick or scratch, it could affect the function of your shears. We’ll sharpen out nicks on the blades and polish out scratches when possible. Every component of your shears is thoroughly cleaned.

We also inspect the operation of the screw system that secures the blades together and enables smooth operation of your shears. Depending on the type of screw system your shears have, different methods will be required. But whatever your shears need, you can be sure tending to the screw system is one of the key details we pay attention to.

Sharpen each blade (yes, thinners/texturizers, too)

Now, we sharpen. To ensure KASHO’s hand-sharpened quality, when we re-sharpen your shears, we use a flat, circular grinding wheel known as a hiramae as well as classic Japanese water stones—the same tools that were used to put the original edge on your shears. We’ll resharpen the edge and regrind the interior hollow as needed to bring your shears back to sharp perfection.

Reassemble, polish & oil

Next, we reassemble your shears, refurbishing the screw system as needed. We polish them and, for systems that require oiling, add protective shears oil. We can also replace rubber rings, bumpers, screw systems, and tangs, if needed.

Check balance & a final inspection

Then, we check the balance of your shears and do another inspection of every detail.  

Shipped back to you (free!)

Finally, we securely package your newly sharpened and renewed shears and ship them back to you, for free, ready to be a part of your next beautiful hair creation.