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Counterfeit Shears Alert

Counterfeit Shears Alert

Avoid becoming a victim of counterfeit KASHO shears! Follow the guidelines below for purchasing KASHO Shears and KASHO Shear Sharpening.

Shear Sharpening

Purchasing KASHO Shears

  • Authentic KASHO Shears are only available through or an authorized distributor. Please see our Distributors Page to find a distributor near you or call (800) 999.8842
  • Any KASHO shear purchased from an UN-authorized dealer are NOT covered by the KASHO Warranty.
  • Beware of KASHO Shears sold on internet sites such as Alibaba, Wish, Ebay and Amazon.

We are committed to aggressively fighting counterfeiting on behalf of all stylists. If you believe you've been sold a pair of counterfeit KASHO shears, please email us at

3 Ways to Immediately Spot a Fake KASHO Shear

Fake KASHO Shear 01

The shear is colored. IE. Pink, Blue, Purple, Rainbow

decorative jewel on the shear 02

There is a decorative jewel on the shear. There is a large KASHO logo tag attached.

The model number 03

The model number on the shear says "JAPAN 440 C"

The model number

Shear Sharpening

Beware of any other shear sharpeners that claim to be an authorized KASHO sharpener.

We recommend using KASHO's Premier Sharpening Service. Please visit our Sharpening Page, or email for instructions on sending in your shears.

Please note: warranty is voided if your KASHO shear is serviced by anyone other than KASHO Premier Sharpening Service.