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The KASHO Ivory hair shears series gives you high-level cutting performance at a mid-range price. The mirror-polished blades are fully convex/hollow ground for the ultimate in sharpness and precision. Blade sizes range from 5 to 5.5 inches, perfect for detail work to a full range of haircutting techniques.

Ivory doesn’t leave out the lefties, either. Ivory offers a true left-handed hair scissor in a handy 5.2-in. size. To keep hand, wrist, and shoulder fatigue at a minimum, all Ivory shears feature an offset handle design. The shears’ tension system is easy to use, just twist the knob. And like all KASHO shears, they are handcrafted in Japan, forged from premium VG-10W Japanese steel.

Models for both left-handed and right-handed use are available.

  • Offset, right: 5.0” 5.5”
  • Offset, left: 5.2”
As low as $484.50 Regular Price $570.00

There's Confidence in Every Cut with Ivory

  • They seem to stay sharp forever—with blades made of premium Japanese VG-10W stainless steel, Ivory series forged shears stay sharper for longer; this high-end steel—and KASHO’s precision heat treatment—enable Ivory shears to be precision hardened for a long, long-lasting edge
  • You can count on the precision of the cut—Ivory’s fully convex/hollow-ground blades provide for THE sharpest cutting edge, that’s why we call it The Ultimate Edge
  • Offset handles provide for a comfortable grip and hand position—with offset handles, your hand is more open and relaxed for less hand, wrist, and shouldert fatigue
  • See yourself in the easy-care finish—yes, Ivory’s mirror-polished finish reflects just like a mirror, but it also helps protect your shears from corrosion (like rust); regular cleaning and oiling keep your shears performing beautifully
  • Perfect tension is easier than ever—just a twist to the left or right adjusts your Ivory shears to the tension that makes haircutting smooth and reliable
  • Choose tang/no tang as you wish—Ivory shears have an easy-to-remove, easy-to-reinstall tang
  • Be confident in a lifetime of service—every pair of Ivory shears are backed by our Lifetime Warranty, plus your first sharpening is FREE
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