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The shears in the Millennium series are the #1 choice for some of the world’s top stylists. And it’s no wonder. Like the stylists who use them, these shears are the best.

Let’s start with the heart of the shears: the metal they’re made of. In this case, the metal is “Super Gold 2” or SG2. This is a top-of-the-line stainless steel made in a process called powder metallurgy. In short, the ingredients of the steel alloy are “atomized,” then turned into steel under enormous heat and pressure. This makes the steel very high quality—and the products made from it amazingly durable. This ultra-premium steel means Millennium shears can take an exquisitely sharp edge and hold it longer, too.

Millennium shears are equipped with KASHO’s patented Disc Operation System for the smoothest operation of any shear you’ve ever used. For the ultimate in precision and performance, choose Millennium. Because you deserve to cut with the very best.

Designed for right-handed use.

  • Offset: 5.5”, 6.0”, 6.5”
  • Straight: 5.3”, 6.2”
  • Offset, Diamond-Like Carbon Coating: 6.0”, 6.5”
As low as $1,520.00

Make Millennium Your #1 Choice & Cut with the Best

  • This steel is worth it—if you’ve never cut with scissors made from SG2, prepare to be obsessed; made through a process called powder metallurgy, SG2 ensures Millennium shears are durable, can take an exquisitely sharp edge, and hold it longer than any shears you’ve used
  • Precise, powerful cutting every time—with its unique “samurai sword” blade (sword/hollow ground upper blade; convex/hollow ground lower), the Millennium series provides the precision cutting performance to handle your most creative style
  • Choose your favorite handle—choose ergonomic offset handles or classic straight; you’ll always have the right shear for every task
  • Mirror finish resists corrosion—high chromium in the steel formula lets KASHO put a bright, mirror polish on these shears to help protect against corrosion
  • Add hardness, wear resistance, and reduce friction—with our optional DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coating on larger offset shears; like natural diamond, it adds hardness and helps your shears perform even more smoothly and effortlessly
  • Butter-smooth operation, no oiling—our patented Disc Operation System ensures operation is always perfectly smooth with uniform pressure with every open and close of the shears; the system’s ball bearings are enclosed, so no hair, dust, dirt or chemicals can get in; no oiling is needed either; you’ll proudly own these shears for a lifetime
  • Tang, yes or no?—Millennium’s tang is easily removeable when you don’t want it and easy to reinstall when you do
  • Have confidence in your purchase—every pair of Millennium shears are backed by our Lifetime Warranty
Millennium Screw System
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