Privacy Policy

Kai Corporation and each of the companies in KAI Group considers that the protection of customers' personal information is a material social responsibility, as well as a legal obligation. Our company hereby prescribes the privacy policy as set out below in order to respect and protect customers' rights regarding their personal information:

  1. Acquisition and Usage of Personal Information
    The acquisition of customers' personal information shall be conducted through appropriate means, and our company shall specify wherever possible the purpose of usage and give notice of such purpose to (a) relevant customer(s) or make public announcements on company websites, etc. The company will handle such acquired personal information according to the purpose for which it was gathered.
  2. Provision of Personal Information
    The company will not provide customers' personal information to any third party other than to companies to which it entrusts business, without the consent of customers. If the company uses the personal information jointly with each company or special agents, etc., of the KAI Group, the company will expressly indicate or make a public announcement regarding the details of such parties jointly using such personal information, the purpose of usage and other prescribed matters; provided, however, the foregoing provision shall not be applied in cases where the contrary is set forth by laws or regulations or where cooperation with public organization(s) is required.
  3. Safety Management of Personal Information
    The company will take technical measures in order to prevent unauthorized access to, or the loss of, the destruction of, the falsification or leakage of, personal information; and will make efforts to protect customers' personal information by preparing a safety management system.
  4. Public Announcement of Purpose and Request for Disclosure and/or Corrections, etc.
    The company will publicly announce the purpose of usage regarding the customers' information that it holds, will provide company contact information, and will reply, to a reasonable extent, in accordance with procedures set forth, and in good faith, to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of usage and deletion, etc.
  5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    The company will comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information, relevant provisions and guidelines, and fulfill its liability of social responsibility as a business enterprise.
  6. Continuing Improvement
    The company will continuously review and improve the compliance program (plan for the compliance of laws and regulations) in order to ensure the protection of personal information.