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KASHO - The Symbol of Craftsmanship

KASHO handcrafted Professional Stylist Shears are the crowning achievement of the "shisho", a highly skilled craftsman who proudly engraves his shears with the KASHO mark.

Each pair of KASHO shears reflects impeccable form, finish and function. Today, every pair of KASHO shears is created through careful design and engineering with advanced materials and heat-treatment technology - and the blending of an integrated manufacturing process with skilful workmanship which measures up to the unrelenting standards passed through generations of the Japanese Samurai sword smithies.

Creating the Future with Cutting Edge Technology

In a history dating back over 100 years, the KAI group, based in Tokyo is renowned for its superbly functional, incisive and durable cutting tools and related products. These traits have positioned KAI’s products among the world’s best. The common denominator- quality and perfection- is based on the centuries-old tradition and culture of the Japanese Samurai sword smithy.

KAI’s product line consists of over 10,000 different items, positioning the KAI group among the leading cutlery manufacturers worldwide.

By expanding its overseas network in various countries in various forms, KAI is promoting globalization in order to contribute to the world as an international company.

kai logoHeadquarters Tokyo, Japan

KASHO Shears

KASHO shears feature two different stainless steel alloys in order to meet the high Japanese quality demands for sharpness and material. The combination of different hardness grades means that every pair of shears is perfectly balanced and guarantees that the cutting edge is exceptionally durable. The unique "Ultimate Edge" KASHO shears blades are guaranteed to cut accurately, making them a pleasure to use.

The unique manufacturing process ensures the necessary precision of the concave inner surfaces (hollow ground) and convex outer surfaces of the shear blades. The convex-edged shear blades are characterized by their exceptionally durable cutting edge. These blades are honed to an extremely sharp state with the inner side hollowed to such a point that the blades only touch at the point of intersection. This refined technology ensures superb cutting edge durability, while at the same time reducing cutting edge resistance to a minimum - and thus considerably reducing hand fatigue.

Every pair of KASHO shears is supplied with optimal tension settings. However, these do occasionally need to be checked and readjusted as required, to ensure the durability of the cutting edge and to guarantee ease of use. Most KASHO shears are therefore fitted with a tension adjustable screw for easy re-adjustment. The patented Disc Operation System ensures that the KASHO Millennium and XP Series are always perfectly tensioned.

KASHO Technology

KASHO Hair Styling Shears are manufactured from a special high-carbon stainless steel alloy, which has superior resistance to corrosion and wear. The steel is variously compounded with Molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt and other elements to achieve state-of-the-art characteristics. KASHO's advanced heat treatment and sub-zero quench techniques assure long-term blade sharpness and durability.

KASHO's unique Ultimate Edge is made possible by its proprietary state-of-the-art manufacturing process that uses sophisticated metal-forming and heat-treating equipment. After hot-forging the steel to the desired shape, the blade is heat-treated in a space age atmospheric chamber. The blade is then triple-tempered to its optimum working hardness using an isothermal process.

The basic purpose of heat-treating is to radically change the molecular structure of the steel, while retaining as many of the original characteristics of the alloy as possible. Because Kasho uses advanced heat-treating technology, the purity of the stainless steel is safeguarded, and the resultant crystalline structure of the Kasho blades is second to none.

Kasho has developed a computerized grinding machine with laser sensors to guide the blade through the hollow grinding process - thus assuring absolute accuracy in shaping the proper curvature of both the inner concave blade surface and the exterior convex surface.

Every surface is hand polished to a flawless mirror finish. Top and bottom blades are selected, and then hand-worked until they become a perfect matching set. They are meticulously hand-honed, assembled, and set by a "Shujin" master, in a laborious, time-consuming process and finished to his own exacting standards. Taken together, these elements represent the highest expression of technology and craftsmanship.

Total quality management is your assurance of KASHO's continuing commitment to excellence. KASHO's technical facilities include extensive computer-aided-design and test laboratories, where engineers and designers continuously advance new ideas to improve the materials, dynamics, aesthetics and manufacturing process of KASHO Hair Stylist Shears.

KASHO Shears Care Instructions

Wipe the blade surfaces after every use with any clean, soft cloth or with a specially designed silicone cloth, which leaves a thin film of protective silicone behind.

Oil the pivot area around the screw head and between the blades daily. This should be done for shears from all series except KML & KXP. Use a light shear or clipper oil (very light gun oil will also do). Do not substitute vegetable oil or any other oil that may become sticky and gummy. A buildup of oil will attract hair and dust in the part of your shears that is most difficult to clean.

Designate a safe place in your workstation for your shears to rest and get into the habit of always placing them there when not in use. Haphazardly placing the shears on your workstation often results in them getting covered by a towel and being accidentally dragged to the floor, which can cause nicks in the cutting edges.

Never complete a cut if the section of hair offers resistance. This is the most important rule in caring for shears, and it is also the most common way stylists damage their shears. Struggling through a cut means the shears being used are too light for the task, and forcing the blades to cut can severely damage edges. Cut smaller sections instead.

Check the tension of your shears periodically - if it's too tight, the blades will grind against each other as they cut; too loose and they'll feel out of control and may develop nicks. To check the tension (All series except KML & KXP), with your left hand hold the shears by the ring without the finger rest, point facing up. With your right hand hold the ring with the finger rest, and open the shears so that it forms a cross. Release the ring in your right hand. It should drop only slightly - if it falls more than slightly, it's too loose; if it doesn't move at all, it's too tight. Reverse sides for left-handed KIV shears. Adjust the tension accordingly with a tension adjuster or a well fitting screwdriver.

Get your shears "tuned up" (i.e. sharpened, reconditioned, etc.) periodically. Be sure to have this done by an authorized KASHO Service Expert. Beware of unauthorized KASHO Service Experts or people who just walk in off the street promising to sharpen your shears for a low price. They are likely to damage your KASHO shears