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How to Pack Your Shears for Sharpening

How to Pack Your Shears for Sharpening

How to Pack Your Shears for Sharpening

When you send your shears in for sharpening you want to be sure they reach us safely—and come home to you safely, too. Here are some safe packing and shipping tips.

Things you'll need for packing your shears

If you have the sleeve that your shears came in, you can put them in that, then wrap them in bubble wrap or several layers of heavy paper. If not, just wrap them as is. Tape closed for safety.

wrap them securely in bubble wrap or heavy paper

Do NOT place unwrapped shears in the padded envelope or box. It could damage your shears—and the person who takes it out of the package.

Do not send them unwrapped

If using a box, add padding on all sides of the wrapped shears so they don’t bounce around in the box during transport. Include a copy of your sharpening invoice or your business card—so we know where to return your shears when your service is complete. Tape securely.

Send wrapped shears in padded envelope or sturdy box

Address to:

Universal Razor Industries/KASHO

11731 Telegraph Rd. Unit D

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 

Address the package to us

Ship via a traceable carrier, such as UPS, USPS, or FED EX. Keep your tracking number for reference. Without a tracking number, it is impossible to track your package should anything happen.

  • Return shipping is FREE.
  • Turnaround time: 10-14 days

Ship with tracking