Captain Titan Mild ProTouch Blades


Captain Titan Mild ProTouch Blades feature our unique "Micro-Guard" that provides the precision of straight razor cutting with an added measure of protection for you and your client. 

The Micro-Guard is perfect for clients with sensitive skin, but still provides the barber with the accuracy of a straight, cut-throat blade. Hairdressers who use a straight razor for haircutting will appreciate the Micro-Guard's extra measure of protection, too.

Captain Titan Mild ProTouch Blades offer incredible sharpness, exquisite performance, and a long-lasting edge. The special dispenser includes a self-contained disposal system system that allows you to dispose of used blades quickly, easily, and without having to touch them. 



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How to Insert Blades into Razors

Please watch the simple tutorial video to learn about how to insert blades into our kasho razors.

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