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Counterfeit Shears Alert

We have recently received numerous complaints from customers that have unknowingly purchased fake KASHO shears. In order to avoid becoming a victim of counterfeiting, we recommend you follow the guidelines below for Purchasing KASHO Shears. In addition, properly caring for and maintaining your KASHO Shears is important for preserving their performance. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the Shears Sharpening information listed below.

Purchasing KASHO Shears

Remember that authentic KASHO Shears are only available through or authorized distributors. Please see our Distributors page to find a distributor near you or call (800) 999-8842. Beware of purchasing KASHO Shears from any other source, as they might be inferior quality copies.

If you decide to purchase a KASHO shear from one of our authorized dealers, please call or email us to confirm that this dealer is indeed an authorized KASHO distributor. Any KASHO shears that are not purchased from an authorized dealer are NOT covered by the KASHO warranty and could potentially be a fake or used shears. Also beware of KASHO shears that are for sale on Internet auction sites such as eBay, as we cannot guarantee the authenticity of these and they are often fakes.

We are committed to aggressively fighting counterfeiting on behalf of all stylists. If you believe you've been sold a pair of counterfeit KASHO shears, please call us at (800) 999-8842.

Shears Sharpening

There are many companies that claim to be authorized KASHO sharpeners, trained by KASHO, or used to work for KASHO, etc. However, many of these companies are NOT properly trained to sharpen KASHO shears. Many stylists have had their KASHO shears damaged by someone that claims to be authorized KASHO sharpener but is not.

We recommend that when your KASHO shears need sharpening that you send them to our Premiere Sharpening Services at Universal Razor Industries/Kasho 6031 Malburg Way Los Angeles, CA 90058. (800-999-8842) If you have your KASHO shears sharpened anywhere else that is not our Premiere Sharpening Services, then your warranty will be immediately VOIDED. In addition, use of these unauthorized facilities may cause permanent damage to your shears and unsatisfactory performance. Beware of any other shears sharpeners that claim to be an authorized KASHO sharpener.