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You don’t simply buy Kasho shears.
You earn them.

You’ve styled a lot of hair over the years. Isn’t it time you did it in style? Upgrade to KASHO shears and reward your dedication with the finest professional shears money can buy.

The Finest 100% Japanese Steel

Use them longer.
Sharpen them less often.

Perfection in Your Hand

Try them once and you
won’t put them down.

Easy to Buy, Easy to Love

Affordable monthly payment
choices to make them yours.

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Tired of buying and rebuying shears?

Every pair of KASHO professional cutting shears is 100% made in Japan, using 100% genuine Japanese materials and parts. The result is incredibly long-term sharpness and hardness.

This means that they’ll cut longer, you’ll spend less time having them sharpened, and you’ll buy fewer pairs over the length of your career. Each pair is guaranteed for 20 years or more when you use our sharpening service.

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You’ve never held professional shears like these

Day in and day out, you’re cutting and styling hair… Shouldn’t you be using hair shears that make your job easier?

Our precision-tuned ergonomic design feels like an extension of your hand and arm—and makes every precise cut a joy.

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It’s easy to treat yourself to a pair of KASHO shears

You don’t have to go broke just to buy a pair of professional shears. Because with KASHO’s financing options, you can split the cost of your shears into easy monthly payments.

If you live in the US, you’re over 18, and you’re approved for credit by our financing partner, it’s simple… Shop our store, select your shears, then take up to 36 months to pay. Or take six months and pay no interest.

Exceptionally durable—and now incredibly affordable.


Watch what happens when real stylists use KASHO shears for the first time:

Lifetime warranty—and your first sharpening is on us

Your KASHO shears are guaranteed to be free of defects, and we offer a lifetime craftsman warranty on replaceable parts. Washers, tangs, finger rings—in the event that these parts need replacing, we’ll do it for free when using our sharpening service.

Plus, when it’s finally time to sharpen your shears, we’ll pay for the first sharpening; each shear purchase comes with one free sharpening certificate. 

May 3- 31, Receive a Designing Razor Straight + Box of Refill Blades FREE with any Shear Purchase

Free UPS Ground Shipping on all orders.

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