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The best straight razor in the world? Get a true “barber shave” at home with KASHO

Try our KASHO straight razors and you’ll understand—there’s no closer, smoother more comfortable shave.

The Finest 100% Japanese Steel

Incredibly sharp, intensely durable blades are your first line of defense against razor burn.

Pure Comfort, Ultimate Closeness

In your hand and on your face—there’s nothing like it.

An affordable “Barber” Shave—
At Home

Razors start at $99 with convenient payment plans.

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From centuries of Japanese steel-making comes the KASHO straight razor

KASHO straight razors aren’t just about quality craftsmanship.

Each KASHO blade is micro-guarded using PINK technology—a plasma ion coating process that increases blade hardness by 70%, even as it improves performance and extends durability. That means less razor burn, and a safer, closer shave.

But in the end, the decision to buy a KASHO straight razor comes down to one simple reason: you deserve it.

After all… Your face is the only one you’ve got—and you’re going to spend four full days this year shaving it.

Make that time count with the best straight razors money can buy.

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You’ve never held—or felt—straight razors like these

Our precision-tuned ergonomic design simply feels “right” in your hand—and makes every shave an incredible experience.

And the blades are incredibly long-lasting and powerfully durable—please don’t mistake them for “drugstore disposables.” We strongly believe there are no better straight razor blades in the world.

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The easiest way to get a barber shave at home

The best shave of your life would be worth it at any cost—but it’s less expensive than you might think to treat yourself to a KASHO straight razor.

Models start at $99, and with KASHO’s interest-free financing option, you can own your razor now and make easy monthly payments later. Shop our store, select your razor, then take six months to pay with no interest.

Exceptionally well-crafted and intensely durable—and highly affordable, too.

Enjoy 15% OFF Site Wide April 1- April 30.  Discount applied at check out. No coupon code necessary.

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Captain Straight Razor

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